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Private 3rd Party Insurance - Cableguy - 07-31-2013

Here's a list of companies that provide private insurance for motorcyclists.  Please feel free to add to the list!
Remember, you are still required to purchase basic insurance with ICBC.

Beacon Insurance
Available at select ICBC Brokers (Example: Cassells)

Megson FitzPatrick

Chutter Underwriting
Available at select ICBC Brokers

Coast Capital Insurance


Bellair Direct Insurance


Insurance Bureau of Canada

Re: Private Insurance - nisko - 08-01-2013

I'd like to add that the time needed to apply for private insurance is minimum 5 years of having drivers license.

I guess it would be the same if you only have your 6.

I've tried, gotta wait another 2 years..

Re: Private Insurance - laurie - 08-05-2013

Ena at Cassells has been taking care of our policies for almost five years now and I can't recommend her enough! I'm going through a claim process for theft right now with Beacon Insurance (purchased though Cassells) and the process so far has been painless.